Home Organizing – You Can Do It!

It’s the perfect time to get organized – let me  help you accomplish your organizing goals! YES! You can do this! and I can help in two ways; through my Organizing eCourses and private Virtual Organizing.

You Can Learn To Organize Your Home

Hello! My name is Maureen Guzman. I L♥VE helping people get organized and have had the pleasure to help hundreds of women and men organize their spaces for over 9 years through my in-home organizing business Katy Home Organizer. It’s been a wonderful experience and I have become an expert on what works and what doesn’t in most situations.

I love efficiency. I have honed my organizing skill set and style to where it is teachable, repeatable, and it works. After years of success using this formula with my in-home clients,  I know it will work for you too.

I have honed my organizing skill set and style to where it is teachable, repeatable, and it works.

I have taught many of my in-home how to organize, just by working together. Several have called me just to say, “I just thought ‘what would Maureen do’ and I did that and it worked!” They were calling to thank me, and to get a well deserved pat on the back!

Organizing Is a Journey

You may have heard that before, and it’s true. Our busy lifestyles make carving out time to organize seemingly impossible! Schedules get crowded, time is at a premium, and if organizing is something that overwhelms you, it’s even harder to get going.

Overwhelm comes from trying to solve the whole thing all at once, or not knowing where to start. But it’s a journey. You are not expected to get it done all at once; I’m certainly not expecting that, and I’m the expert! 😉

Procrastination, overwhelm, lack of focus… I address all of that so you can finally get the results you want.

Organizing isn’t just a one and done, it also requires maintenance. But once you work through my organizing process, keeping it up regularly becomes easier, AND maintenance helps keep your organizing systems in check. It allows you to course correct as things evolve and change.

The Right Mindset

It seems mindset is a big buzzword these days, but what does that mean and why am I bringing it up?  In short, your mindset is what you focus on, where your mind takes you when you’re not paying attention, your attitude about life or a situation. I bring up mindset because so many women I have worked with, when it comes to organizing, over-indulged in negative self-talk which kept them from making progress. Their mindset limited them from accomplishing their organizing goals. 

How’s your mindset? Do you think you can’t do it? Do you only see limitations? By the way, overwhelm, procrastination, lack of focus and other uncomfortable feelings are a product of your mindset.

We’ll work a little on that as well. In my own life, it is the #1 most important thing. It is the compass by which my life is lived. How my life is unfolding is a direct reflection of what my mindset is. I’m not a therapist, and I’m not here to analyze you. I will however prompt positive thinking in both the virtual sessions and ecourses.

So I Became an Organizing Coach

God is funny, and amazing. God brings you the people you need at just the right time. A student of personal development, I have spent the past 14 years actively working to better myself. Over the years as I made progress, I would share with my clients little pearls of wisdom I gleaned from a book I’d read or from a meditation. For many of the women I worked with it was the thing they needed to hear that day. Through those repeated experiences, I discovered that I not only positively impacted their lives through organizing, but through sharing what I had learned on my spiritual / personal journey of self development.

It is through these life experiences that I felt inspired to address the mindset component in my organizing ecourses. I could have stuck with just the mechanics of organizing, as most similar courses do, but that’s not all I have to offer. I wanted to do more. Not everyone needs to address their mindset and it isn’t a mandatory part of the course. It’s just available!

Two Options To Learn to Organize

Whether you meet with me in a virtual session, or you “hear” my voice in one of my ecourses, my enthusiasm and support can be felt and experienced. ❤ I’ve got the organizing know-how. I can help you make a plan, guide you through to execution where you finally reach your organizing goals, all while offering you encouragement to help motivate you to keep going! Because you are the one doing the physical work, you are learning skills that will last a lifetime, and you get the bragging rights for accomplishing your goal. I will of course be celebrating with you!!

Organizing eCourses

My Organizing Classes are room specific and walk you through the steps from start to finish of how to organize your room / space. I lay it out in simple language and ask you questions to help you get to the right answers for you.

The format is fun and friendly, and easy to follow, but not full of “fluff”. (No fluff please!) It is written by me (Maureen) in my lightly witty and uplifting style that is informative and encouraging. I like to have fun – and for me organizing IS fun – but I get down to business too! 😉 Click here to see what classes are available to download.

Virtual Organizing

Do you have a perplexing area that you really just need specific guidance? Have you racked your brain trying to figure out the best solution but still can’t figure it out? Then Virtual Organizing is what you need.

I can give you specific guidance for your room or space. We can discuss your needs together and come up with a plan. Click the here to learn more!

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