Craftroom Organizing eCourse

online craft room organizing course

Learn how to organize your craft room with my Craft Room Organizing eCourse. Ready to download immediately, the lessons all start with addressing your mindset to set you up for success. Then each lesson covers a specific topic, guiding you through the organizing process. The topics are as follows:

Lesson 1

My Craft Room Organizing classes begin with Assessing your Space, as well as your mind. Thinking about and deciding what you want your space to look like with specific work geared towards bringing you that clarity.

Lesson 2

In Lesson 2  I discuss what the best products are for organizing a craft room. I give specific brands, tell you where I find them, and how much they cost (at the time of this publishing).

Lesson 3

In Lesson 3  I will cover larger storage options like bookshelves and cabinets, what kinds I have used and worked well.

Lesson 4

In Lesson 4  I discuss how to set up your room for “good flow” and I teach you how to measure a room to help plan your space.

Lesson 5

In Lesson 5  you will get down and dirty with sorting and purging! I include plenty of questions to answer to help shape your decisions to what will work best for you.

Lesson 6

Lesson 6 is a bit of a reprieve from the real work. What are your options when it comes to getting rid of all your cool stuff (that’s not trash)?!

Lesson 7

Lesson 7 is about actually organizing all your stuff! Literally the putting it away in a smart, logical manner that is repeatable and sustainable. It includes 4 Case study videos of completed craft rooms of various sizes.

Lesson 8

Lesson 8 is about maintenance. How to maintain your craft room after all that hard work you put in.

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