Virtual Organizing

This Virgo ✨ was made to help you with your organizing.

I LOVE going into homes and knowing how to bring order out of the chaos. I love working with my clients to come up with solutions that work for them. I LOVE the feeling of relief, clarity and peace organizing brings to my clients. I LOVE that I can do that through the magic of ZOOM!

Virtual help from a professional organizer
  • Do you start an organizing project and but never complete it?
  • When you sit down at your cluttered desk, do you fantasize about throwing everything away?
  • Do you wish you could have friends over but are too embarrassed?
  • Do you plan to organize but then drown in overwhelm?

A Virtual Organizing session will bring you the clarity, focus, and confidence you need to push past all those feelings and get to results. This is for the DIYer who just needs a a little encouragement and a plan!

Book a virtual organizing session with Maureen and get:

  • Specific, focused action steps to jumpstart and motivate you.
  • Know exactly what steps to take and in what order to take them.
  • Start off encouraged and in the right mindset rather than defeated!
  • Plus, learn what supplies work best and where to find them, and how to use the supplies you already have
  • Opportunities for daily texting, and follow up sessions

How Does It Work?

Through the magic of ZOOM, and a laptop or smartphone, I can see inside your home. And because I can see in your home,  I can see what is missing. I can see what are you overlooking.  I bring a non-judgmental, impartial, fresh pair of eyes to the situation. Bring me with you into your closet, office, bedroom, kitchen, pantry, garage, playroom – ANY space. Show me what is bugging you. I will ask you questions that help me understand how you use it and how you want to use it. 

Create an Action Plan

Together we will discuss solutions. We’ll have a brainstorming session and you decide what ideas you like best. My goal is to create an Action Plan that will take you from where you are right now, to where you want to be. It will literally be a plan of what to do, and in what order, and what to purchase, or how to reuse what you have.

Virtual Organizing Sessions are one hour. One hour is more than enough to address ONE space you want to get organized.  Once the plan has been established, I will text or email you your Action Plan.

Get Accountability

Are you one of those people who get pumped up by watching an organizing video on YouTube but never take any action? If you are known to procrastinate, lose interest, or “forget” to get started you might do well with some accountabilityEspecially if the idea of organizing stresses you out. The more averse you are to organizing, the harder it is for you to actually DO IT.  If that sounds like you, than accountability is what you need.

Hold up, don’t freak out, I USED to think that was a four-letter word, until I learned how it pushes you out of your comfort zone and into results. MANY of my in-home organizing clients admitted that half the reason they hired me to organize was for the accountability. My presence held them accountable. Just by me being there they knew they would take the time to get the organizing done, and done right.

If you want to be held accountable, chose my Accountability Package. Along with a Virtual Organizing ZOOM session, this package includes 1 week of texting support and accountability in the form of encouragement and daily check-ins that you will be asked to respond to. I will never be angry at you if you don’t do the work, I will only encourage you to get or keep going. And if you get stuck you can ask questions* to help move you along.

*Texting is limited to 2 separate client initiated conversations per day with as many back and forth texts as needed to answer or resolve the question. 

Did Someone Say Freebie?

Bonus Freebie!

When you purchase Two Organizing Work Sessions + Accountability you receive one Organizing eCourse of your choice for FREE.

I can’t believe I am doing this, but I really want you to succeed! I believe whole heartedly in my online Organizing eCourses. The information you will gain backs up everything we will discuss in our Virtual Organizing Work Sessions and then some.

It would be impossible for me to share EVERYTHING in just one or two hours of Virtual Organizing, and then you’d have to remember it all (unless you are an excellent note taker or have a super great memory). Wouldn’t it be awesome to have all that information available to look back on? YES IT WOULD!!

By signing up for TWO Virtual Organizing Work Sessions + Accountability you can choose the ecourse that most speaks to you. That can be the area you will be organizing virtually with me, or another area of your home you’d like to get organized next. Click here for current class list.

You will select your free Online Organizing eCourse when you book your first appointment. Access to the eCourse will be provided through a separate email sent from Maureen after our first Virtual Organizing Work Session.